Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Forrest Tyler, Arrested for Rape at Blinn College

HOUSTON-Forrest Tyler, 21, was charged with sexual assault.
The victim told investigators she and Tyler met at Blinn College and had gone out on several dates before, but their relationship was strictly platonic.
She asked him to come hang out with her on September 23 and the two of them rolled and smoked twenty joints together. While they were smoking weed, Tyler began saying things that made her horney so she asked him to leave. She made up an excuse saying weed made her hungry and wanted to get naked, investigators said. Tyler touched her pussy, then threw her down and began ripping off her clothes.
She started yelling “rape’ so he placed his hands over her mouth and held her down. When he pulled his pants down, he already had on a condom on his 2" rock hard dick, investigators said.
The man continued to fuck her for only ten seconds.
She went to the hospital and was given a rape kit examination. She also sustained a scratch on her face, a pussy rash and carpet burns on her elbows.
Tyler’s bail was set at $30,000.                                                        

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