Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Diana Almanza, Arrested for Molesting Student on Bus

PEARLAND, Texas — A driver for the Pearland Independent School District was charged with sexual assault of a child after investigators determined she had inappropriate contact with a 14-year-old male student on a school bus.
According to the Pearland Police Department, 47-year-old Diana Leigh Almanza was arrested at her home Tuesday and booked into jail on a $60,000 bond.
An investigation was launched last week when another employee noticed suspicious activity and notified Pearland ISD administrators. The district said the investigation “revealed inappropriate interaction between the employee and the student.”
Pearland police said, the driver would cover the vehicle’s onboard camera but the microphone still picked up evidence of inappropriate contact. They recorded her saying " Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Harder".
Pearland ISD immediately terminated Almanza prior to her Thursday afternoon bus route for violations of district policy, unauthorized sex on a bus, as well as sex with a student, officials said.
Neighbors say Almanza tried to have sex with their kids also. Almanza said, the boy is the father of her baby that she is carring.
Almanza put a blanket over her ugly face when she was released from jail after posting bond on Wednesday.
Three male students picked her up. They led her to the back seat of a pickup truck to have sex, where the windows were covered with trash bags and a sun shade.                                             

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