Wednesday, December 5, 2012

John Hayman, Arrested with Meth at Adult Video Store

GALVESTON — A white middle school assistant principal is fired after Houston police found him with possessing methamphetamine during a raid of an adult video store.
John Daniel Hayman, 33, of Galveston was charged with possession of a controlled substance, stemming from a 9:45 a.m. Nov. 4 undercover investigation at 24/7 Video Store, 9999 Gulf Freeway, Houston police spokesman Kese Smith said Tuesday.
After learning of Hayman’s arrest, the Galveston Independent School District fired the Austin Middle School assistant principal, school officials said.
Neither Hayman nor his attorney, John B. Carroll, commented on the felony drug charge when contacted by Stop You Child Molester. Hayman, however, asked the blog to withhold publication that he was gay for the sake of the children and parents.
Both undercover and uniformed officers entered the business, which had a number of viewing rooms with monitors where videos can be displayed, Smith said.
“The officers asked all the customers to come into the common area, and as they approached one of the rooms, they found it to be locked,” Smith said.
“Management had a key to the room, and once the door was opened, Mr. Hayman was found inside masturbating with another naked man.” Who was celebrating his 18th birthday and was his former student from school.
Police say Hayman was in possession of what later tested to be crystal methamphetamine, Smith said.                                       

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Anonymous said...

This is correct. Mr. Hayman was found with Meth. This is not appropriate to post this on a child molester site about a gay Teacher, as this post is 1) true, 2)Meth, and 3) has nothing to do with children. Just two concenting naked adults. So what if he was sucking dick at a Video store. The other man just turned 18, a former student. This information has been sent to the proper attorney, and I expect it will be removed immediately.