Friday, May 31, 2013

Kevin Johnson, Arrested Sex Offender in Houston, Texas

HOUSTON – A northwest Harris County woman was able to safely escape after a convicted sex offender cut the wires on her home alarm system and then smashed his way through the back door, deputies said.
It happened at about 10 a.m. Thursday in the 10400 block of Cedar Park Drive.
Damita Wyatt was preparing to leave for work.
“At the time I was in the kitchen and I heard the glass break, that’s when I knew someone was trying to get in so I ran out,” she said.
That someone was 48-year-old Kevin Johnson, a registered sex offender with three outstanding warrants, deputies said.  
“When I came outside, I called 911 and the first officer came, and a neighbor of mine came by, and we saw the man inside peeping out, so he knew he was surrounded by officers,” Wyatt said.
Although deputies were on the scene within minutes, Wyatt said Johnson ransacked her home before he was apprehended.  
“I just feel blessed everything took place the way it took place because I could have been in the house by myself and he had weapons on him,” Wyatt said.
Deputies recovered a hand gun and a knife.

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