Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kelly Garcia, Arrested Gay Hastings High School Teacher Rapes Student

HOUSTON — Another sorry Alief ISD Gay English teacher was arrested for having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a female student at her school.
Kelly Ann Garcia, 29, was charged with indecency with a child and sexual assault of a child.
The victim was a 16-year-old student at Hastings High School when she met Garcia through a mutual friend and the two began to eat pussy together. The student said Garcia would stay with her after school numerous times while she was working on a classroom project, even though she was not her teacher.
It was during Spring Break 2013 that their relationship crossed the line, according to court documents.
Garcia picked up the teen on Wednesday, March 21, and the two went to Starbucks to have coffee. It was there that Garcia told the teen that she had a pussy eating dream about her.
About a week later, Garcia texted the teen saying she had just broken up with her boyfriend and they expressed their feelings for one another.  Police say more students are coming forward that she raped. Alief ISD has the worst schools in Texas. In the last two years eighteen Alief ISD teachers have raped their students.          Alief ISD teacher accused of sexual relationship with student
The next day, the teen told Garcia that she needed to see her. Garcia picked her up in a rental car and took her back to her apartment, where they ate pussy for the rest of the evening, the teen told investigators.
The next day Garcia picked up the teen and took her back to her place again. This time they used a carrot. The teen said Garcia then took her to Katz Boutique and Sex Shop and purchased sex toys with her credit card. They then returned to Garcia’s apartment and had more sexual contact before Garcia returned the girl home.
Over the next several days, Garcia and the teen had more sexual encounters. Garcia said, that pussy smelt like puppy breath i just love it.
The teen said, during that time, she witnessed Garcia have several emotional breakdowns at school. Once, the teacher had to be sent home.             
The teen began to brag about her sexual encounters with other students and one of them reported what they heard to an administrator. The assistant principal then began to investigate and called the teen in for questioning. The teen confirmed all the sex, but her interactions with Garcia did not end. The teacher continued sneaking around with the teen even while the investigation was ongoing, Alief ISD police said.
The teen’s father caught the two at the park naked together on May 21, but Garcia sped off when he tried to confront her.
Investigators recovered the receipt from Katz Boutique, confirming the purchase of the sex toys, in addition to pulling phone and text records showing communication between the teacher and teen. They also found a photo of the two eating ass.
Garcia’s bail was set at $50,000.                      

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