Sunday, May 5, 2013

Jeffrey Williams, Arrested sick Pastor at The Church of Corinth

DENTON COUNTY, Texas — Jeffrey Dale Williams, the senior pastor at The Church of Corinth phone 940-321-0488, has been arrested for trying to persuade a girl under 15 to take her clothes off.
He was jailed on charges of " sexual performance of a child." Bond was set at $10,000.
Police said the incident was captured on a two-hour videotape.
"He tried to take her clothes off so he could see her naked body and eat her pussy out," said Corinth police Capt. Greg Wilkerson. Jeffrey said, I'm a man of God that has needs. I love young beaver.
Police said the complaint came in from a social worker at the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services on April 3, four days after the sick act.
 The victim did later corroborate the videotape and the dirty incident.
"God damm that's just fucking sick," said Melissa Lain, who went to the church.
Wednesday night is when Church of Corinth 940-321-0488 holds a children's brain wash service. Pastor Williams would not have been there for that; the youth pastor runs the service.
The church comments as of Wednesday night, said we have had more than twenty young girls come to us about him touching them.
" That sorry mother fucker!" said a church member who identified himself only as James. " Hope he goes to Prison for a long time and gets fucked up the ass.."
Members tell us that Williams has been pastor at the church for several years.
"There are additional victims out there," Wilkerson said. "We're trying to contact all of them now."

Williams was being held at the Denton County Jail.


Anonymous said...

Much of this blog is completely fabricated. I don't defend the pastor by any means, but making up quotes and miss-stating charges...and then suggesting that all the people in the church are stupid because they didn't know what the pastor may be doing in his own irresponsible and disgusting. I hope that the Chief doesn't decide to come after you for using his name for a "quote" that he never said.

bewitched77 said...

Wow, you just completely ruined the credibility of your blog by almost completely mis-quoting/fabricating this entire post.

Anonymous said...

You Should not have a blog, I personally know some of the people that your quoting. Capt. Wilkerson is Professional and would not use that terminology. If your Going to report this you must be accurate and remember is it is in print it is libel and you can be held legally accountable.