Thursday, May 16, 2013

Keon Whitehead, Arrested Rapes University of Houston Student in dorm room

HOUSTON—A 19-year-old black thug was arrested for raping one of his friends, a University of Houston student, when he found her passed out drunk in her dorm room after a night of partying, according to police.
Keon Mark Edward Whitehead was charged with sexual assault.
University of Houston police said the victim and her college roommate went out to a party on April 13. Both girls said they were drinking from about 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. and were very drunk when they got back to their room at the Cougar Village dorm.
The victim was fully dressed when she got in bed. She was drifting in and out of consciousness, and vaguely remembers Whitehead standing beside her bed asking her if she had been drinking. She could not remember what type of clothing he was wearing, but does recall him having on red shoes, according to court documents.
The girl said she remembered her legs falling off the bed and Whitehead picking them up, then removing her underwear while she was defenseless. He allegedly had sex with her while she was whimpering and crying.
The victim’s roommate said that she was the one who let Whitehead inside. She said he was a friend of theirs and came by to visit sometime so nothing was out of the ordinary. Since she was also intoxicated, she does not remember all of the events of that night, but does remember walking into her roommate’s room to find her naked.
She saw Whitehead laugh, then wipe something off her roommate. He then pulled out a video camera and started filming her nude body. The roommate told him to stop and covered her friend with a blanket.
After he was done, he pulled out a video camera and filmed her in the nude.
The next day the roommate showed the victim the video. The victim then called Whitehead to confirm what happened. He told her that the two had unprotected sex. She then contacted police.

Whitehead admitted to finding his friend very drunk and began to touch and fondle her. He said she mumbled something and appeared to grin. He then said he had sex with her, but agreed that it was a one-way encounter because she never responded or reciprocated. He also admitted to recording her in the nude.
Charges were filed and his bond was set at $30,000.

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