Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mark McGee, Arrested Bexar County Sheriff Officer

SAN ANTONIO -- He was caught stealing at an abandoned campsite, and now a Bexar County deputy finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

The deputy is 47-year-old Mark McGee, a officer with the sheriff's office for a little more than two years.

He was arrested around 10 a.m. Friday inside an abandoned shower room off Fam Camp Road at the south end of Brooks City Base.

Authorities said it was a San Antonio K-9 officer who spotted a suspicious vehicle outside the shower facilities.

When the officer approached the truck he heard a sawing sound coming from inside.

The officer said he walked in to the building and observed the deputy leaning over a pipe, sawing it in half.
"I was dislodging the saw, because the saw was actually lodged in one of the pieces of copper that was in the building," McGee explained.

McGee said he was allowed on the property, despite being a officer, because he is a licensed peace officer. He did admit that he had made money off scrapping metal in the past. He said, blacks steal copper all the time.

McGee was arrested and taken to the Central Magistrate's Office, and has been charged with the state jail felony of theft.
Police: K-9 officer catches Bexar County deputy stealing copper
He was released on bond, but was fired from the sheriff's office.

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