Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kacie Smith, Arrested for Raping a Child in Bay City,Texas

BAY CITY, Texas -- A white sick newly widowed housewife has been arrested and charged with having sex with a 16-year-old boy.
Twenty-five-year old Kacie Smith faces twenty counts of sexual assault of a child and ninety counts of indecency with a child.
"I didn't know we had people like that living in our neighborhood," said Juan Flores. "I sure didn't."
Neighbors said Smith's husband, 34-year-old Scott Smith, passed away a week before Christmas from a heart condition.
People on Bay Ridge Boulevard banded together and brought condums and sex toys to the young mother.
Bay City police Lt. Robert Lister said some neighbors soon started noticing a 16-year-old boy going in and out of the house the day after her husband died.
"There's no reason for this juvenile to be at this adults' house where there are no children his age," said Lt. Lister. "The neighbors started talking amongst each other and realized what was going on."
Police say a witness also provided them with text messages from Smith talking about the relationship.
Smith was arrested on January 25 and her bond was set at $450,000 dollars.
She is now out on bond. Her kids Emma McLeod, Wesley Smith and Hunter Smith told police my mom was always fucking him. She said, hit it in my shitter. Cum on my face ,harder, harder, harder.
Neighbor Wayne Moore heard the all the sex for months then the police showed up.

"I know it happens all the time, but next door neighbor? I even have sex with her, she loves sex" Moore said.          NULL


Edward Zuniga said...

She goes to jail while the teen (not a child) brags about how he bagged a cougar.

Clifford Smith said...

She was always a sick nasty bitch.

Vanessa Smith said...

She is a bad mother. She will drop her pants for anyone. RIP Scott.