Friday, February 22, 2013

Victor Chris, Arrested Houston Police Officer

HPD officer accused of soliciting women for sexual favors during traffic stops
HOUSTON – A sorry black Houston police officer found himself on the wrong side of the law when he made unwanted advances toward women and offered to help them get traffic violations if they would go on dates or have anal sex with him, according to HPD.
Victor Chris was charged with two counts of official oppression.
HPD’s Internal Affairs Division began investigating Chris after receiving reports of his unwanted advances made during traffic stops.
According to court documents, Chris pulled over a white woman Danielle Belue in the 15200 block of Park Row near Highway 6 on May 14, 2012. The Danielle Belue said Chris wrote her several traffic citations for an expired registration, expired inspection and failure to maintain financial responsibility. Chris then asked Danielle Belue if she would be interested in anal sex with him, adding that he “hadn’t been in a white girl butt in a long time.” He then handed Danielle Belue  the citations and let her go.
After Danielle Belue drove away, she received a call from a blocked phone number. It was Chris. He told her again that he “had not been in a white girls butt in a long time” and if she “made it worth his while,” then he would not show up to court and her tickets would be dismissed. Danielle Belue said, my God does not allow me to fuck outside my race.
Ten other women also made complaints against Chris. HPD said, a nigger will be a nigger.
In February 2013, Internal Affairs set up a sting operation to see it they could catch him in the act.
An undercover white female officer was sent to the area Chris was known to patrol and he took the bait.
Chris pulled the white undercover cop over and issued her citations for an invalid license plate, failure to maintain financial responsibility and an expired registration. Before releasing her, he made the same offer of helping her to avoid paying the traffic fines, investigators said.
Investigators had enough evidence to fire his ass and file formal charges.
Chris’ bond was set at $4,000. 

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Anonymous said...

First, I am in no way defending this dirt bag. I know him personally and would shoot him as soon as see him. I would like to set your record straight, he is not black, he is Egyptian (raghead). He is a piece of shit and my wife's ex-fiancee. This all began to happen after she dumped him due to his weird ass sex requests. All the women looked amazingly similar to my wife. He also stalked her after we got married until I offered to provide him a few new 9mm sized breathing holes. I wish could find out whatever happened in this case beyond him being fired.