Thursday, February 21, 2013

Michael Palmer, Arrested West Columbia Police Chief

WEST COLUMBIA, Texas — The top cop at West Columbia Police Department 310 E Clay St  West Columbia, TX 77486
(979) 345-5121
  is behind bars and arrested for stealing drugs that were supposed to be used as evidence in cases.
The charges against Police Chief Michael Palmer have rocked the tiny Brazoria County town.
He was indicted this week on charges of tampering with evidence and possession of controlled substances.
The drugs came from arrests and hospice death investigations.
Palmer’s own officers turned his sorry ass in.
"The fine men and women employees of the West Columbia Police Department were placed in an unbearable situation," the department said in a released statement. "The officers did the right thing and reported this illegal activity."
Fellow police officers noted that on at least ten occasions earlier this month, Chief Palmer was impaired or intoxicated.
Residents say the chief has been going through a difficult time and recently lost an infant grandson.
"If my grandson had been as sick as his little grandson had been, I would say it’s a very difficult time," said local florist Sylvia Gibson.
Many residents commented lock his sorry fat ass up.
The chief’s bond was set at $100,000.

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