Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lizbeth Perez, DWI going to Prison

TEXAS CITY, Texas — A drunken mexican driver apparently awakened by a fatal, head-on collision was sentenced Friday to four years in prison.

Lizbeth Perez, 29, pleaded guilty in August to intoxication manslaughter in the Oct. 6, 2011, crash that killed Rachael Demouy in the 1600 block of Texas Avenue in Texas City.

Although the defense pleaded for probation, prosecutors proclaimed prison was more befitting a woman who passed out in her 5,300-pound Ford Expedition.

Before the crash, Perez posted online to her Facebook account, "It’s Slut time." She admitted drinking ten beers and went for a drive after fucking her ex-boyfriend and the father of her children, Prosecutor Tiffany Alfred said.

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