Saturday, October 20, 2012

American Civilization

Talking to a friend today, I become aware that he suddenly "gets it". For years this fellow has gently chided me on my "doom and gloom" attitude, my gun collecting, my survivalism bent, and my general practical nature.

No more. He has become aware of the situation. And if this fellow suddenly gets it, I wonder how many more have suddenly gotten it as well.

Some points to ponder as you reflect upon the coming unpleasantness:

1. Can everyone in your household shoot? Do you have enough weapons and ammo to go around?

2. Can you be attacked hit-and-run from vehicles on the road?

3. Are your neighbors of the same mindset as you and capable of defending that perimeter? Or are they old and feeble or ideologically incapacitated?

4. Is your home bulletproof? Fireproof? Home invasion proof?

5. Can you bring your livestock in closer to the house in order to be better defended?

These are just a few points. Think of the white farmers in South Africa, some 20,000 of whom have been raped, tortured, and murdered in their own homes since 1994.

If you live rural, you are a target. You have food, shelter, tools, guns, possibly some money, and are isolated enough to provide hours of "entertainment" to the bad guys.

Better get to work.

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