Friday, October 19, 2012

Gordon Oehmig, Coach Arrested with Child Porn

HOUSTON – The wrestling coach at St. Thomas High School has been arrested on child porn charges.
Gordon Daniel Oehmig, 29, was taken into custody Thursday following a month-long investigation. He is charged with fifty counts of possession of child pornography.
Investigators with the Houston-Metro Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force searched Oehmig’s Montrose home and seized several computers, a server and digital storing devices.
They say they found more than 230,000 images and video files of infant children engaged in sex acts. The cases in which he is charged involved photos of girls and boys, ranging from 1 month to 9 months old, who are being sexually abused by adults.
They say Oehmig shared child porn at least 13,550 times from May until September.
"Of that, the vast majority of it was infant boys. We pulled off about 231 images of videos, 230 of which were toddlers," said J.T. Roscoe with HPD.
St. Thomas issued a statement Friday saying Oehmig was fired.
Police say there’s allot evidence that Oehmig molested children himself, but they advise parents of children who came in contact with him, to talk with them. Check their butts for penitration or bite marks.
"His risk level is definitely escalated with his ability to have constant contact, and have contact in a manner that is OK to have physical contact with a child," said HPD officer J.T. Roscoe. "We ask that parents sit down with their kids."
Neighbors in Oehmig’s Montrose neighborhood say he keeps to himself.
"He leaves early in the morning and he comes home late. And if his car is in the driveway, he’s in the house," said Viki Anderson. "I never see him. He’s got housekeepers that come and yard men, but he’s never home."
"The neighbor next door is really freaked out. She’s got young children," said Gary Anderson. "I will kill him if he fucked my child."

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