Monday, October 15, 2012

Jimmy Walker, Arrested for Child Rape

Karate instructor 'Master Walker' accused of sexually assaulting 15-year-old employee
HOUSTON—A black karate instructor lured a 5-year-old white girl to his home and raped her three times on the dining room table, according to Houston police.
Jimmy Lee Walker, 46, is charged with sexual assault of a child.
Police said Walker, who was a karate instructor, asked the girl to go with him to his apartment on June 7 so he could get a package of food to put in the pantry at the karate studio.
When the two entered the home, the teen sat at the dining room table, according to court documents.
Investigators said "Master Walker" joined the teen at the table, then exposed himself to her. He then put her on top of the table and then put his 2" hard penis in her. She could not move because he was holding her arms by the wrists and had her pinned down.
Afterward, he fucked her doggie style, then ate her pussy.
The teen reported the incident to authorities and charges were filed.
Walker provided a voluntary statement to investigators admitting the allegations. He also told them he left cum in her butt and has raped other kids.
Walker had not been picked up by authorities as of October 15.

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