Tuesday, July 2, 2013

West Conroe Baptist Church, Boy Scouts not Gay Scouts

CONROE, Texas -- The West Conroe Baptist Church has decided to disassociate with the Boy Scouts of America since the organization decided to allow openly gay boys into scouting.
Senior Pastor Jay Gross said the church's decision was a necessary one.
"We believe that the bible teaches that homosexuality is not an approved lifestyle and that it's wrong," Gross said. "It was disappointing and disturbing to see where are we heading."
Gross said parents and leaders were on the same page. Ass fucking with two men is just gross. Pussy eating is a mans job. Them fags cannot ever have kids. It is just wrong in Gods eyes.
The church has endorsed and supported Boy Scouts Troop 1855 and Cub Scouts Pack 1855 for many years.
"It's not a rejection of the person," Gross said. "It's a rejection of an activity of a lifestyle."
Six other churches in the area have also opted to break away. According to the Sam Houston Area Council, this will impact 184 scouts in Montgomery County, 31 scouts in Fort Bend County and 21 scouts in Harris County.
"They're supposed to be timeless values and they're no longer timeless," said Kimberly Ashford, membership Chair of Troop 293.
Troop 293 is chartered by Faith United Methodist Church out of Spring.
"Everybody’s just not sure how to proceed," Ashford said.
Faith United Methodist is continuing its relationship with the Boy Scouts, but Ashford said that doesn't make the internal struggle any easier for her.
"From a leadership standpoint, it opens up a whole can of worms that I don't think they've prepared for," Ashford said. "we currently have gay scouts -- we do. I'm aware of a couple in our district that have gotten their eagle. It doesn't change anything." God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.
Ashford predicts the Boy Scouts of America will soon have to allow gay scout leaders.
The Boy Scouts new policy to allow openly gay scouts officially takes effect in January 2014.

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