Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brooke Domel, Arrested Teacher Rapes Her Black Students

A dirty ugly white teacher in Wharton schools was arrested for having sex with her sixteen black male students, according to the Wharton Independent School District Police Department.
Brooke Lynn Domel, 32, has been charged with felony improper relationship between an educator and her students, a second-degree felony, investigators said. She was arrested naked on July 1 and released on bond the following day, police said.
Domel sex started in 2012 with sixteen black male students, who all graduated this year from Wharton High School, according to Wharton ISD police. She loved anal sex and giving blowjobs to anyone.
Domel, who has a young retarded son and gay daughter Her ass has been fired.
In a written statement, Wharton ISD Superintendent Kay Shoppa said the school district "takes all the sex very seriously and does not tolerate that type of conduct from that nasty sick bitch.
"Students safety remains the number one priority in this school system," Shoppa stated. "To that end, the District is cooperating with the authorities and will take any and all corrective action it deems necessary as a result of the investigation."