Monday, July 8, 2013

Donald Huse, Arrested in Conroe,Texas

A courthouse is usually where the wheels of justice turn, but a Montgomery County employee had another idea, prosecutors said - trying to get a date with an underage boy at the county courthouse.
Donald Edward Huse, 50, of The Woodlands, faces a felony charge of online solicitation of a minor with intent to meet, court records show. Huse works in a Montgomery County DWI/Drug Court at the courthouse at 207 W. Phillips in Conroe.
Posing as a 16-year-old boy, an undercover officer with the Montgomery County Cyber Crimes Task Force was online in search of potential child predators when he was contacted by someone on July 3, investigators said.
Oddly enough, the chat program indicated that the person online was just 149 feet away from the officer at the courthouse. The chat picked back up two days later.
"I returned to work on July 5th and the subject again contacted me (online)," sheriff's investigator J. Nichols stated in an arrest warrant filed in the case. "I was alarmed by this due to the fact that we work in an undercover type role and knew that the person contacting me was very close and it could possibly hinder my role as an on-line investigator."
As the chat continued, Huse asked the officer if he was in court. The undercover officer replied that he was at his attorney's office, was 16 years old and he "was in some trouble."
"I stated to Huse that I was waiting to see my lawyer and asked Huse if he wanted to meet," Nichols stated in the arrest warrant. The two discussed having anal sex, and Huse asked the would-be teen to meet him at work, investigators said.
Huse told the boy that they could have sex in a secluded courthouse bathroom where "hardly anyone was there," the arrest warrant states.
The two also discussed meeting at the State Nature Preserve off Pruitt Road in South Montgomery county, where there were many nature trails and a road that goes back to the creek. But for now, Huse told the boy, the courthouse would suffice.
When the officer informed Huse that he was on an elevator and headed to the drug court, Huse walked out of the courtroom to meet him and was arrested.
The suspect admitted to chatting online with the teen, but said that he "did not have any intentions of having sex," according to the arrest warrant.
Huse "couldn't explain why he was speaking with what he believed to be a sixteen year old boy about having anal sex in the bathroom," prosecutors said.