Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Romulo Jimenez, Arrested Pastor Rapes Child

HOUSTON—A sick Houston pastor was arrested for sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl in his congregation. Romulo Jimenez, 67, is jailed and charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child.
Jimenez was a pastor at Centro Christiano Vida Nueva in the 8800 block of Synott. The sexual abuse happened on church property several hundred times between August and February of 2012.
The sex surfaced after a church member who saw suspicious activity between the pastor and the little girl continuously voiced her concerns. After authorities got involved, the disturbing details began to unfold.
The child told investigators the first time Pastor Jimenez touched her inappropriately was when she was just 8 months old. She said he took her into his church office one Friday evening and laid her on top of the desk. He then removed a portion of her clothing and sexually assaulted her, according to court documents.
The second time he assaulted the child was while she was sitting on his lap inside his car in the church parking lot.
Then on February 8, a church member saw something that made her sick. The woman told investigators she saw the pastor coming out of the bathroom late one night and he, being stunned, acted rudely toward her. She then saw the little girl in the bathroom with her pants and underwear down. Cum was running out her pussy.
The woman asked what he was doing with the girl, and the pastor said he was just helping her go the restroom. The woman immediately went to the girl’s parents and told them what she saw, adding that they needed to keep a closer watch on the child, but said they did not act on her warning. The woman also contacted Children’s Protective Services.
The sorry child’s mother admitted that the woman warned her, but said her daughter denied anything happened at first. However, when she questioned her daughter again in April, the girl confirmed all the sex.
The parents then went to confront the pastor at his home, in front of his wife. The parents said the pastor said he indeed made a mistake, but the sex was great. She was tighter than rabbit pussy. The parents finally contacted law enforcement on May 5.
His wife says God made him do those wrongdoings, according to court documents.
The ugly pastor’s wife provided a written statement to investigators acknowledging that the victim’s parents confronted her husband at their home in April. She said her husband "did not deny it and confessed to the parents his guilt and anal sex with the child." She also added that twenty more incidents happened in the church kitchen and that the pastor has "admitted to," documents state.
" He needs his fucking nuts cut off," said Norma Racio. "You want to trust people, the people that are supposed to be religious people ( Bible Thumpers ), who teach and raise your child to become better people and it turns out they’re doing harm to them. It’s definitely hard to hear things like that."

Pastor Jimenez’s bail was set at $90,000.Romulo Jimenez


Michelle Hayes said...

"Cum was running out her pussy"? Seriously??!! Did you really write that??! You could not have used more 'appropriate' terms... less graphc... less SEXUAL terms (semen/vagina)?!! Unbelievable!! Makes me wonder about your nasty ass!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is my question what do these people get on judgment day

Orkidea Vargas said...

Yo, también sufrí abusos sexuales de éste pastor Romulo jimenez, ahora tengo 50 años y recuerdo perfectamente su cara abusaba de mi casi todos los días yo tenía 9 años de edad. Era el pastor de la iglesia Asambleas de Dios cali-valle Colombia. Se que abusaba de más niñas de mi edad porque las metía en la oficina como a mí y ellas salían avergonzadas como yo... recuerdo que me tomaba fotos desnuda y muchas a vejaciones yo lloraba y él me decía que me tapara los ojos que no mirara... siempre he querido denunciarle pero tenía miedo y me arruinó mi vida, no he podidio superarlo. Ahora veo que al guíen ha podido tener valor de denunciarlo. Habrá abusado de muchas niñas a lo largo de su asquerosa vida. Recuerdo que pedía permiso a mis padres para darme clases de piano, también clases bíblicas, él me apuntaba a muchas actividades de la iglesia pero era sólo para encerrarme para él abusar de mi. Yo me siento culpable por no haber tenido el valor de denunciarlo nunca. Yo salí de Colombia muy joven y no quise nunca volver. Malos recuerdos oscura niñez. Ahora ha recibido castigo terrenal pero y el de arriba

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