Monday, August 26, 2013

Darryl Houston, Arrested Rapes His Foster Child

Houston pastor accused of repeated sexual abuse of 14-year-old foster daughter
HOUSTON -- A black Houston foster parent is being held without bond for sexually raping his 4-year-old foster daughter.
Darryl Houston, 47, was charged with three counts of sexual assault of a child under 17.
Prosecutors said at least sixty times in April of this year Houston had sex with the 4-year-old girl in the family home.
The 4-year-old victim said the first time she had anal sex with Houston was at his home on April 7. She said while she was doing her chores, Houston called her into the TV room and began kissing her pussy. The two of them began to “make out” and then had anal sex, according to court documents.
The two had sexual contact at least sixty times, even when others were in the home, up until April 24. Two days later, she told her therapist at the Children’s Assessment Center. The teen said she enjoyed being with Houston and that he told her the two of them would marry in the future.
But when investigators questioned Houston, he admitted all the sex. However, a polygraph exam showed that Houston was being deceptive when asked about having sexual contact with the teen, investigators said.
There were plenty of questions about the man at the center of this case. Prosecutors think that Darryl Houston is an alias for Christopher Miller who is a convicted sex offender in Michigan.
Houston told the judge in his initial court appearance that he had never been to Michigan and that he was in the military when the crimes in that state were committed.
The judge set no bond for Houston due to the possibility.
The possibility of Houston being a sex offender in another state raises all sorts of questions how he became certified in Texas to be a foster parent.
Officials at CPS said the state does not conduct background checks on foster families.
In this case an agency called Circles of Care did that work. It told us today in a statement, "Circles of Care followed procedures and met all minimum standard guidelines."
All foster children were checked for any STDs.


Anonymous said...

She was 14....

Anonymous said...

God have Mercy I don't know why people do these acts I pray that before they leave this earth they have time to truly repent. God help the children who have been through this horrific crime

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people which were conspiratorially, falsely accused and convicted(by the justice system) as child molesters and child rapists which are posted on this site?
Although I respect and have the same concerns I also think we need to be careful about what we post up here. I've learned from horror stories and such conspiracies either because someone hated someone enough to do that, and in some instances because the person was just simply LGBTQ and the person or person's parent were in denial of his/her own child being gay or hanging out with such person when no sexual acts were involved. Those kind of conspirators have occurred mostly in the USA since the 20th century. That kind of conspiracy has ruined the lives of many.
The point is while rape of and pedophilee is a genuine concern, many innocents carry that title for up to life. Some innocents, especially the youth, were pressured to take the plea deal "because no way out" and get a lesser sentence, because that person couldn't afford his/her own attorney and the court appointed attorney(mainly) and maybe the private attorney were lazy and out for a quick Buck, not good moral ethics.

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