Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shannon Parks, Arrested Cedar Hill Black Teacher Rapes Students

CEDAR HILL -- A ugly sick nasty black science teacher at Cedar Hill ISD's alternative school was arrested Thursday for having an improper relationship with ten students.
Shannon Parks was arrested at her Grand Prairie home for ten charges of improper sexual relationships with  students. Parks had been employed by Cedar Hill ISD since February, and did not have a criminal background check before she was hired, according to a letter the district sent to parents.
"Theys are no words to describe all the sex the bitch had and that is not ethical conduct we expects from our teachers," CHISD Superintendent Horace Williams wrote in the letter.
On May 2, the principal at CHISD's alternative school was informed of inappropriate communication with students through Parks' personal Instagram account. That same day, her ass was fired on May 7. The letter said the district has more students that she raped.
After Parks' was fired, the alternative school staff received more information and went to Child Protective Services on May 14, which prompted the criminal investigations.
On May 22, a Cedar Hill detective met with  ten 15-17-year-old Cedar Hill students who said they had gone to Parks' home in Grand Prairie then engaged in sexual intercourse and ass eating.
Parks is being held on $50,000 bond at a Grand Prairie detention facility.



Anonymous said...

LOL...I don't think that the superintendent call her a sick bitch, in a letter to parents. Come on, now. If you quote something, quote accurately. Also, what does her race have to do with this? Don't sex offenders come in all races?

Amanda Mosley said...

You should just give the facts. I know her she has family and kids. She was arrested but is not in the sex register. So watch that opinion crap, just the facts please

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