Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ricardo Tobias,Arrested Day Care Owner " A Place For Me " Rapes Children

COLLEGE STATION -- A sick College Station day care owner has been indicted on charges of indecent sexual contact with an 8-month-old infant. All operations at 'A Place for Me' day care have been suspended since the owner's arrest.
It's a facility that's served as a refuge for children to stay and play. But that all changed in April at a 'Place for Me;' a daycare operated out of a manufactured home on the 4500 block of Forrest Lane in College Station.College Station day care owner accused of child indecency
“About 18 years it's been functioning as a licensed daycare,” explained Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk.
On April 19th, an eight month old little girl cried out to her mother claiming the owner, 50-year-old Ricardo Tobias forced her to do a porn video -- not once, but ten times.
“It's our belief from what the child said there was sexual contact between her and him,” Sheriff Kirk said. “We’ve charged indecency with a child and lots of penetration type of offense.”
According to the police report, the little girl told investigators, "Mr. Rick showed me a video and told me to copy it on his private." The victim claims she did exactly what he [Ricardo Tobias] said because, "Mr. Rick is a very scary man and he yells at me and stuff.“
"She was also told she should never tell anyone,” added Kirk. “It's very common that they try and keep those secrets and make the children feel like if they reveal that they will be in trouble."
Per the state's request, the daycare voluntarily closed its doors pending the outcome of the investigation.
“Anytime childcare licensing receives an abuse or neglect in the daycare, we'll speak to the director and we'll ask for them to cease all operation for the safety of the children,” explained Julie Moody, Department of Family and Protective Services Public Information Officer.
Tobias, who says he would teach, cook and occasionally perform routine maintenance at the daycare, denied the allegations and according to the report, said he hadn't worked at the day care for three years.
“The child is ten years old now, and time is hard for a child to describe, so the incident could have happened when she was as young as one month old,”
Sheriff Kirk says there were children inside the daycare at the time the sexual abuse occurred, however it's clear there are more victims.
Tobias was arrested at his home naked May 22nd and released from the Brazos County Jail after posting $10,000 bond.

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